Staff-Management Committee III (Valencia, June 2014)

I am very pleased to inform you that the Report of Session III of the Staff-Management Committee (SMC) that took place in Valencia, Spain, from 24 to 29 June 2014 has recently been approved by the Secretary-General.

During this Session, agreement was reached on the text of both the Administrative Instruction on the SMC and the associated Rules of Procedure for the SMC which should assist in the future efficient operation of the SMC. This includes having, in the future, some meetings of the SMC by videoconference between the annual face-to-face Sessions of the SMC in order to encourage more regular discussions between Management and the Staff Representatives with the first of these meetings having taken place on 4 September 2014.

Good progress was also made on a number of issues affecting UN staff including the UN's policy on mobility on which a Working Group was established to discuss in more detail the differences on this policy between Management and the Staff Representatives that had been identified during the Session of the SMC. Other issues that were discussed by the SMC included the UN's policies on Performance Management, Workforce Reshaping/Downsizing and Whistleblowing Protection as well as the Human Rights Screening Policy for UN Personnel.

In view of the impact that these discussions at the Session of the SMC will have on UN staff, I would encourage you to read the report.

SMC Final Approved Report

David Yeandle OBE President of the Staff-Management Committee